This one exercise will add years to your life, if you are willing to give it a try. The bench press is a classic exercise that has stood the test of time. This exercise will help to build big powerful muscles in your chest and upper back. When done right, you can build big, powerful pecs that will look like a monster.

You will need a good set of dumbbells, a barbell, and some training equipment. You can either buy a set or hire a trainer. To get started I would suggest having a small gym, so you have enough room for all of your equipment. Also a big mirror is a must. You will need to perform this exercise on a flat and incline bench. Start this exercise by doing sets of fifty presses.

Now I want you to perform this exercise with dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells between your legs. At the same time lower the weights to your chest. This should be around six feet from the floor. Make sure that the weights stay low to the floor. Keep your back straight, and squeeze the pectoral muscles at the top of your chest.

This one exercise will add years to your torso when you do bench presses with heavy weight. This one exercise will also build strong arms. You have to make sure that your arms are parallel to the floor while standing, and slightly bent. Squeeze the muscles at the bottom of your chest to complete this exercise.

Next on my list is dead lifts. For this one I would recommend a dumbbells or barbell. When you lift the weight to your chest, start by standing in front of a chair. Place the barbell between your legs, raise it up until it’s above your head, and lower it slowly to the floor. This should produce about eight yards of distance for your back.

Last but not least is the clean and press. To perform this one exercise, you will have to lie on the floor, holding a barbell with an open grip. Start by placing your right hand on the bottom of the barbell, your left on top of it. Grip the bar with both hands, making sure that your palms face each other. Let the barbell hang down until it touches your thighs, then press your knees out to expand your chest.

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