Lesbian Escorts

Communicate Openly with Your Lesbian Escorts

These courtesans are the most understanding babes that you can go on a sensual adventure with. Whether you want to do it with lesbian escorts Las Vegas models or a friend, communication is important for a great experience. Be sufficiently confident to freely hold honest conversations about the experience that you want to enjoy. Even non verbal communication is very important. For instance, consider things like the way your babes breathe and the sounds they make.

Take it Slow

Even if you already know what turns your babes on, start with simple tricks like kissing, licking, touching, and even masturbation. Also decide on each other’s roles in the act since there should be a ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ to ensure mutual satisfaction.

Whether you want to enjoy this experience with lesbian escorts Las Vegas babes or close friends, there are no rights and wrongs. Just focus on enjoying the experience with your partner.

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