Period Sex- Safe

Possible Side Effects of Period Sex

Risk of STI and pregnancy

Most women fear the possible side effects that may come with period sex. Viruses that cause infections like HIV are found in blood. This implies that if a woman is infected, it is easy to spread them to her partner during the intercourse. However, this can be prevented by engaging in safe sex. There is no guarantee that having sex during menstruation can’t lead to pregnancy. Nevertheless, you are less likely to conceive if you have sex during period.

Another possible side effect of period sex that people fear is the mess that can occur when a woman experiences heavy menstrual flow. But apart from leaving the bed sheets and your bodies stained with blood, the discharge can be a turn off for some men.

Clearly, period sex has more benefits than possible side effects. Therefore, don’t hold back from period sex. Just take time to prepare and take precaution to enjoy an awesome experience with your partner.

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